A Letter To My Dear African Woman | Sayo Aluko

A Letter To My Dear African Woman | Sayo Aluko

Dear African woman,I hope this letter meets you well, if so, doxology.

Firstly, and on a sad note, I want you to know nobody actually cares.

Yes, from year to year, the world receives a new phrase to make you seen, acknowledged, heard, live, and/or included; this year, we’ve been told, on your behalf and on behalf of every woman in other continents, to #BreakTheBias.

However, because no one really takes action, these phrases end up as mere platitudes that are as useless as a button on Wizkid’s T-shirt.

I write to tell you that your truths shouldn’t be tethered to a day, drowned in a river of vaporizable goodwill, and destined to die the death of buzzwords. Your truths, like your problems, are truer than such arguable mereness.

Dear African woman, these truths mesmerize and miff me at the same time. And, I’m not alone.

You are built to thrive.

You are resilient.

You are beautiful; oh my God! You are so beautiful!

But then,

You’re Ibukun Awosika but also Bamise Ayanwole.

You’re Chimamanda but also Iniobong Umoren.

You’re Funmilayo Ransome-Kuti but also Diane Rwigara.

You’re Winnie Mandela but also Uyinene Mrwetyana.

You are 58% of African Entrepreneurs but also earn lesser.

You vote the most but also represented the least.

You are ‘Folake gimme love o’ but also ‘Folake for the night o’.

It mesmerizes, it miffs.

But I write to tell you where to focus, especially as no one cares and as no one, or a commemorative day, will do it for you. I write to tell you to walk tall in these truths, face your stereotypifying problems like a legion, and watch them fall faster and flatter than Jericho’s wall. Why? You are built resilient and that’s the only reminder you need to blossom beyond a bulk of biases.

In the words of a Nigerian street poet named Olamide, I write to tell you to “Ká á lá!” – a slanguage, a verb, loosely transliterated as “thrive by focusing on the better things”.

You don’t need the yearly patronage disguised and served as concern, you just need to ALWAYS remember who you are: An African woman who is factory-fitted with relentless fire within;

who is designed to BE and never to Be-like;

who will focus on her towering truths;

who will starve stereotypes to death by giving no attention;

who will focus on women who are blazing an uncharted path in order to tap light;

who will embrace as fact, that excellence has no gender;

who will join her folk to get what they deserve, not by fanning emotional tropes, but by showing workings.

Dear African woman, I write to tell you that no one cares, but if you do, and collectively, that’s enough.

Gosh! You’re beautiful !!!!

from one guy,

Sayo Aluko.

#Konisewu ©️Sayo Aluko

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2 thoughts on “A Letter To My Dear African Woman | Sayo Aluko”

  1. Toluwani Odedeyi


    The creative way you adopted in communicating the societal issues is so distinct.

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