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Well done guys. Absolute kudos to my generation.

However, I think we should be wary of this particular narrative being bandied with the untiring charge to #EndSARS and spark a constellation of solutions. I think this unsuspecting narrative is a diluting one.

The narrative of money; police salary.

“…Increase their money so that they won’t disturb us anymore….”

“…they are underpaid, that is why they are not well-motivated, and therefore forced to extort from us…”

“….increase their salary!!!”

Now, at this point, I have to state that I’ve got no problem with an upward review on the take homes of the men and women of the NPF; but that said, this is NOT the problem, and therefore, can’t be or be part of the solution.

You don’t need to think deep to understand that this money narrative is a dangerous misdiagnosis, and I strongly believe it dilutes the concentration of the root cause of police brutality. [I did some justice to the root cause(s) in a previous article – SEE HERE]

The problem, this root cause is cursorily surmarizable as ‘a disease of systemic rotteness caused by the cancers of greed, of the loss of esteem, of policing as a hustle and not as a passion/calling, but mostly, of that unprintable and unbridlable mannerism for psychiatric greed’.

And this greed, this desire to pilfer people, just like every crime of lucre, does not have an identical twin; like something that looks almost like but it’s not actually it. No, it doesn’t…it is just what it is. Greed with original dagbana shoko OS.

And oh this greed, will not succumb to more money. In fact, it’ll worsen. And that’s my fear if part of our solutions now involve a promise of more dough.

This greed is greed and it’s like committing original sin to say it stems from need. I mean, judging from all their banal activities that forced #PoliceReform and #SARSMUSTEND protests, this kind of greed is the one that says:

“Hey! I just want what’s yours young man or young woman, you don’t deserve it! Give me I kill you, or I waste your time, or I rape you!”

It says “Hey, old man, this your wrist watch bam o, give the boys and we let you go and give us weekend money too “

It shouts! “You! Wait there! You Fool! Fool! Park! Park! Park!” to create fake fear and look menacing; but it’s all done to corner you, start saluting you for money, more like wooing you like a prodigal whore overdosed on kayamata, and suddenly ‘You Fool’ then becomes ‘Sure Boy’.

It’s greed, and it sits like a queen bee in this hive of rotteness called the NPF.

So, though valid, mentioning anything about their pay now will inadvertently submerge the ranking importance of the real things we are demanding, no dying (sh!t, we actually dying 😭) for:

  • sack, charge and convict (for life maybe) the irredeemable modafokas amongst them.
  • retrain the redeemable ones and subject them to thorough ethics training laced with babanla psychoanalysis and evaluation.
  • release arrested protesters and innocents who have been in jail based on untoward haSARSment.

We all know how money makes situations potentially distractable. How if most of dem policemen right now are planning ahead to carry olosho with thicker thighs when this new salary enter, entirely oblivious of the core and cost of the cause.

Like many of you, I also sabi the psychology of the human mind and money small. So please, now, let’s leave the salary matter out of the whole P and FOCUS squarely on fixing their brains and humanity – fixing these people first, squarely, and not their pockets.

“…Increase their money so that they won’t disturb us anymore….”

Please, can we just stop saying it? Please?

Sayo Aluko™️

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