On Daddy Freeze and Christianedeens | Sayo Aluko

I love uncomplicated wisdom. Wisdom that needs no ‘depth-ing’ to get it.

Yes, I’ll explain.

The dull colour of the ongoing debate about the Daddy Freeze situation with some Pastors, on both sides divide, perfectly highlights the sorry nature of the anyhow-ness that worries us like a permanent Egyptian plague in this country.

We lack consistency, pathologically.

I’ll make some points before I go ahead:

Number 1: Don’t fall for the TEMPTATION of defending Daddy Freeze, there’s no road there. He’s an uncouth human. A simple, extant, self-proven fact. Period.

Number 2: Don’t fall into the FOLLY of defending Pastor Ibiyeomie’s reckless, urchinsome utterings by classifying them under righteous indignation; that does you no good as an educated person.

You see, one is a temptation, and the other, folly. And this is where I get back to my love for wisdom that doesn’t complicate things; because unfortunately, both sides of this debate have been doing the exact opposite – unnecessarily complicating things with too much shalaye.

‘Daddy Freezers’ have been gassing to the puerility of  showing off his dad and his range of cars to paint him as undeserving and/or above the Pastor’s words; on the other hand, ‘Ibi-yeomans’ have gone gasmic with supposedly spiritual shalayetions to excuse his reckless statements.

I shake my head to both. But I have a stronger problem with the latter. Like, why do we love to complicate things like this? 🤦‍♂️

If not for our knack for anyhow-ness down here, Pastor Ibiyeomie, God bless his reported good works, but despite that, would have at least seen the insides of a Court of Law or a detention facility if we were in a clime that erects, respects, and enthrones systems.

“I will kill you” is a threat no one should excuse with plentifully unnecessary spiritual shalayetion. No one. But then, see Nigeria, see the culture of anyhow-ness. We are inconsistent AF.

Oh yes, I’ve seen, we’ve all seen videos where the Freeze guy is seen calling these men of God unprintable names, but, all I need is C6 in English WAEC to cursorily shelve that under the freedom of speech. However, even with a F9, I can tell what a point-blank reckless statement/threat is.

Point blank, clear, not complicated. Someone erred in speech, apologize or keep shut.

But No, I’m seeing people waxing lyrical, quoting this and that, quoting kingdom this kingdom that, complicating things. Can we just stop please? Stop quoting Bible and let’s just have sense. Stop ‘wasting’ precious verses of God’s word in a stupid fight against a Daddy Freeze and inadvertently turn a gnat to a Goliath. Stoppeet!

Like, just stop it. Think about it well now, who dafuq is Freeze in the grand scheme of things? Oh, he’s the gates of hell or the antichrist just because he’s got a man’s body and a toddler’s instinct/mouth? He’s leading a conspiracy against the Church? Common, cam dafuq dan Christianedeens!

Well, I no blame una, I blame the drown and drunkenness of dogma that makes us always think God is man (read ‘mere’) enough to need us to fight His fight, heck, understand exactly how He loves, who He chooses to love, or when.

I mean, never, has folly been so wrongly guised as fervency.


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