My tribute to Pastor Kumuyi at 79 | Sayo Aluko

I disagree with a handful of his beliefs and doctrines till date, some even vehemently; but, I would be a big liar and abject ingrate if I do not pour out gourds of gratitude for the stabilizing influence his words, teachings and style had on my development and growth as a nascent youth.

At a point in my life, Monday Bible Study was my clarity opioid.

For many good reasons back then in the university, I looked forward to those Monday evenings just because this man always had a delicacy of well-dished clarity for you from the Word of God.

Every of those Mondays, he took complexities, cooked them into grains of clarity, and dished them with a level of profound cunning I had not (at the time) seen anyone else do.

He had this architectural precision with it;
He had this pulpit etiquette to it;
He had this digestable approach about it.

Oh! I loved it! And it shaped me. It contributed to my foundation.

I wasn’t a church/campus fellowship person, I seldom went to any, but I always gladly stabbed anything that would try prevent me from hearing him on those nights of many Mondays [I remember stabbing a Newcastle vs Chelsea game one night in ’08, my darling Chelsea o…😁; although, I also remember racing away from the Bible study as he rounded off, racing towards the viewing center in time for Florent Malouda’s 85th minute goal…🙈]

All that underlied the level of attachment I had to the value he dished. I was a new youth susceptible to post-pubertal strays and attendant confusion, and also filled with the very typical jargon of dogma from my overly pentecostal childhood. So, while I never liked the methods to the ‘copy and paste’ holiness with which he led his flock, I found joy in embracing the jars of clarity his Monday Bible Study episodes gave me.

This man, William Folorunsho Kumuyi. PASTOR W F KUMUYI

Happy 79th Birthday Sir. You’ve given so much, I am glad you’re evolving too. Today, I wish you the grace of continuous reflection and the unashamed honesty to keep embracing its proceeds too.

I am grateful, and I love you.

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