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The awkwardest ‘Thank You’ I’ve ever heard | Sayo Aluko

Her: Have you raped a girl before?

Me: No 

Her: (not seeming to believe me) Really? Okay, but have you ever been tempted to rape a girl before?

Me: No now! How?

Her: Wait, are you saying you’ve never sexually molested a lady before? Or touched a lady arousingly without her consent?

Me: No, sister.

Her: Wow! Thank you! Thank you! Thank y….

Me: (cuts in) Thank you? For wetin? For what?

Her: What do you mean by “For what”?

Me: You’re thanking me for being normal??? 

Her: Ha! That’s not the normal anymore. Do you know…

She kept talking. She’s a 28 year-old doctoral fellow in the humanities dept of one of our Universities. She asked I kept her anonymous.

On her wall few days ago, a friend, the delectable Petra Akinti Onyegbule asked females amongst her huge number of followers to raise their hands if they’ve never been sexually assaulted/molested before? From the swathe of responses that I read, hands were down in the most. The most, like 85%.

Moments ago too, I read on another friend, Joyce’s page, how a social commentator posited that he/she has never met a single lady above the age of 20, who has not been touched inappropriately before.

Guys, what’s the problem?

What is messing with or monsterizing our libido?

I may look like a rube wey no sabi or jasi, but trust me, na lie. My flaws are as long and sprawling as Okotiebo’s infamous wrappers. Dem plenty. But, never has molesting a lady come to me as convo-worthy, talk more tempt me as a deed.

It doesn’t just happen.

So, I am honestly quizzed (not necessarily surprised), but quizzed with this ‘new normal’ where an educated lady seemed wired to THANK ME for being actually normal as regards my handling of the opposite sex.

Guys please come, let’s talk. No abuse, no anger sef (I’m tempted tbh), let’s just really converse as adults and ask ourselves – What is the problem?

‘Cos I’d want to think that sex or getting sex can’t be the problem, no, not in this our very 𝘸𝘰𝘣𝘦 and venereal generation. It can’t be. So, what is wrong? 

What is making our libido act like an unkind Viking gang bent on raiding 5 minutes off girls?

Thank you? Thank you??? C’mon…!

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