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VIDEO TRIBUTE: Gbolahan Akanbi – tall, dark, two hearts!

Hmmmnnnn…a year already.

Something funny keeps happening since you left us till now – people still asking me how I feel. And I just smile (now). You know Mr. G, we can’t really blame them shey? The fact that they know I was with you all day that fateful day till barely 3 minutes into your demise, is a fact that can mess up any mind.

It still messes with me, with us all.

Truth be told, your shocking death shattered our every being into smithereens, it made me, for example, question the fealty of hope….if it had any at all.

But then, I smile at that question because I ask myself, “Sayo, if you feel this way, how will his wife and kids feel?”. This helps me quickly mate with some fortitude and rather prefer to highlight the wonderful memories you left with us.

Same fortitude God has provided in copious measures to that beautiful family of yours till date.

You lived too well, though too short, but too well to bless us with terabytic pixels of fond memories. Memories of your unfiltered kindness and unfettered selflessness.

I was sifting through my Snapchat app which I barely use, and I bumped into this video of us that I made during one of those our work tours. Never knew I had anything there…never knew we’d see you give us a glance like this again, while being at your usual best serving and serving us.

Gbolahan Akanbi, talk, dark, two hearts.
We gon’ keep loving you Brother!

Gbolahan Akanbi, talk, dark, two hearts.
We gon’ keep loving you Brother!

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