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Lockdown Behaviour: Don’t put yourself under any pressure to be ‘serious’

Guys . Please . BREATHE.

I have observed a trend since Covid-19 ravaged our lives and lockdown started: EVERYBODY IS ON IG LIVE!

Apart from the ones who are rescuing their personal economies by twerking the daylight outta their parabolic bumbums, the EVERYBODY I refer to above are the ones motivating, inspire-to-aspiring, and/or becoming 2-second indomie life coaches.

Their aggressive, forceful and borderline blackmail-some approach to sell messages of failure to people if they don’t become Barack Obama, Shakespeare and Gates during lockdown, is somewhat troubling;

Never has motivation looked so eerie like metastasis.

To be fair though, I’m forced to believe some of them have good intentions, heck, I can even agree that some of these motivators are simply IG LIVE-ing to also keep their sanity and hustle in check during these unprecedented times. But sadly, I see a pattern of pressure and panic to BE from all they do….and I think there’s nothing great about that.

“You must BE this! You must BE that!…

“You must make sure you read 30 books before lockdown ends…your life depends on it!”

“Your mates are reading, you are watching Netflix”

“How many courses have you signed up for? How many books have you read?”

“If you don’t learn a new skill during the lockdown, just forget it, you’ll be useless after covid” 

“You have to aspire above your current state, stop sleeping!”

“You haven’t signed up for my coaching session? You’re missing!”

Hey, kindly note before we move further, that, there is nothing wrong with the content of what these hustlers preach. I mean, if someone tells you to read in order to become successful, there is nothing wrong with that. The problem I have with them is their odumejeously forceful approach to it, and how they have satanified the lockdown.

They are breeding panic and pressure, and trust me, nor be so life suppose be.

COVID-19 has definitely changed and will still change alot of things about the way the world works, but you should know that it’s got nothing on the uselessness of PANIC and pressure.

Panic will always be that thing that produces something, an action, albeit without substance. And this panic, is what I see feeding the ‘denjellous‘ (dangerous) trend in discuss. So why fall for it???

Truth is, we ALL want to be better at any point in life, in this case too, we are ALL susceptible to the whims of uncertainties to life and living post-covid. However, what will happen to you then will NOT be based on what you’re blackmailed via panic to pick up during lockdown.

I’ll give a quick example: If you are an adult who didn’t grow up with reading as a acquired trait, and you’ve managed fairly through life, as good as reading is, if you’re blackmailed into picking it up as a skill during covid-19 lockdown, it will set you up for frustration and even sadder, fly away as you thought it came.

I’ve been young, and as I grow older, I’ve learnt that nothing trumps the principality of process and the mastering of self-pace towards achieving success.

That this life is not gra-gra at all at all.

That life, nor be by any aspire to inspire kan kan

Not to talk of lockdown aspire to inspire.

So please, don’t be blackmailed or railroaded. 

If you don’t feel it, leave it.

If you want to watch feem from dusk to dawn, feel free.

If all you just want to do is survive this period per day, odikwa valid.

If you feel like watching skits all day, do it! (just have enough data sha).

Same, if you feel this is a time you need to rejig and reorganize yourself, be that person, just don’t patronize this vehicle of pressure to get there.

Koko here is that you make sure it’s all YOU.

And the key thing is your ability to introspect. If you come to a point where you feel the need to do more to improve yourself, go, become that person. Don’t do it because of lousy lockdown laws. Do it because you, YOU, got there. The TFare to that point is introspection.

Introspection: The self-brewed, self-ignited ability to have a HONEST conversation with one’s self, by one’s self and for one’s self. It’s the democracy of will and purpose…

Good evening.

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3 thoughts on “Lockdown Behaviour: Don’t put yourself under any pressure to be ‘serious’”

  1. Geat write up moe. I would skip anything this long on a normal day but I dont know this just got my attention. well done bro , well penned .

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