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Sayo Aluko

On Daddy Freeze and Christianedeens | Sayo Aluko

I love uncomplicated wisdom. Wisdom that needs no ‘depth-ing’ to get it. Yes, I’ll explain. The dull colour of the ongoing debate about the Daddy Freeze situation with some Pastors, on both sides divide, perfectly highlights the sorry nature of the anyhow-ness that worries us like a permanent Egyptian plague in this country. We lack

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Sayo Aluko

From Oke-igbo with awe and an education | Sayo Aluko

There’s a tale locked deep in Yoruba folklore, growing up, we were told about it. That, long loun loun time ago, there used to be an “igbo irunmale“, a grisly forest of demons, ghoul and goth, where nobody or hunter could scavenge for game. But that, there was a braveheart who dared this forest, they

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Sayo Aluko

SOS: Apple, wetin sef, wetin?

NO, NO, NO! I can’t do this anymore! My heart is at stake!!! Life shouldn’t be this hard. I’ve decided to finally let this out…Really, I can’t do this anymore! 2 weeks ago, I was involved in a heated argument about Nigeria (Yes, I still never learn). I aimed to bang the table, you know,

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